Thursday, 10 May 2012

A review of "Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob)" by Simon Bartram

Hi People in the Ether,
   Bartram's riotously colourful tale features Bob, a statuesque Earthling on a Grant Wood-style Earth. Bob leaves his retro abode and travels to work on the Moon every morning, a swift 15 minute commute. The spacecraft is straight from a Jules Verne story. 
   Bob's lunar duties include patrolling, tidying, bouncing around and giving lectures to tourists. He enjoys sandwiches and hanging out with his interstellar mates (no ladies, here, sadly). However, Bob is completely oblivious to the aliens that scuttle around the Moon, stowaway in his rocket and seem to be slowly but surely running amok, incognito, on Earth.

   The story is fun and Bob is charming if scatterbrained. I do think there's a little too much text. The images are very vibrant, the style is very dense and the scenes are very detailed - they do so much work and could easily let the text be more restrained. Bartram's acrylic artwork is rich and figurative, like 50s advertising art, or a cross between James Chapin portraits and Spitting Image puppets - ideal for all those daring astronauts and funky aliens!

   Bob has gone on to have many more fun, funny and beautiful adventures. I'm looking forward to what he, and Bartram, does next.

   Thanks for reading,

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