Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A review of "A Bit Lost" by Chris Haughton

Hey People in the Ether,

   Chris Haughton creates disarmingly simple tales. This story follows Little Owl who has an "Uh-oh" moment while falling away from a high perch and Mummy Owl. 

   Squirrel is then eager to help but misinterprets Little Owl's descriptions of Mummy Owl, and leads Little Owl to three woodland candidates. Finally, Frog figures it all out and the feathery pair are reunited. With a lovely relieved tear in her eye, Mummy Owl invites Squirrel and Frog up to the perch for a snack. But overcrowding is a problem and the story closes with another "Uh-oh" moment, another tumble and perhaps another adventure. 

   The book is printed on nicely textured paper and there is one flap page that beautifully enhances the story telling.

   Haughton's text is lively, sweet and includes questions and responses that will appeal to young readers. His stylised characters and landscapes have a beautiful retro feel and the colour contrasts are very effective. It's a really charming read.  

   Thanks for reading,

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