Monday, 12 August 2013

A review of "Hey, Presto" by Nadia Shireen

Hey People in the Ether,

   Firstly, an apology! I'm very sorry for my long silence - the past couple of months have been busy and life-changing. So I'm heartily sorry for being a bad blogger but I'm back in action now.
   Secondly, a review! Shireen's latest offering introduces us to best friends, Presto and Monty. They have nothing but are content to be together - that is until Monty thinks they should make the most of Presto's talent for magic. What's proposed as a double act soon turns into a one-dog-production as Monty hogs the limelight and bosses poor Presto around. Eventually the moggy has enough and leaves - of course, disaster (on television, no-less) ensues. But Presto sweeps in to save the day and his friend, and Monty sets about rebuilding their friendship as well as creating a new stage act that allows each creature to focus on his own strengths.  

   As in "Good Little Wolf", Shireen's story has loveable (if flawed) characters and an entertaining crisis, this tale though has a much cosier conclusion; but it works delightfully. Her dialogue is sharp and fun, and the little background details are charming touches, sure to reward searching eyes. I'm a huge fan of her warm, fuzzy, hairy, scratchy illustrations and the colour palette she employs here is vibrant and inviting, too.   

    This is a pacey story of friendship, ambition, ego and valuing what really matters. I'd recommend it to fans of Shireen's previous fare and to anyone reading to a little diva or divo.  

    Thanks for reading,

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