Thursday, 13 June 2013

A review of "One Little Baby" written by Richard Dungworth and illustrated by Jane Massey

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   If you're searching for a new picture book to share with a very tiny tot, this short and sweet tale surely will hit the spot! (Blame Dungworth's infectious rhymes!)

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   In the spirit of classics such as "Peepo" and the "Tom and Pippo" stories, this charts a day in the life of a teeny toddler, who remains without a name, gender and race throughout; simply "one liitle baby" undertaking a new important on each spread as we move from waking to sleeping. The topics are familiar, reassuring - breakfast, dressing, playtime, storytime and so on.

   Dungworth's repeating and rhyming text is full of lovely phrases, moments of drama, warm humour and lots of tenderness. The font is beautifully plain but does change size and uses the occasional word in italics for stress.

   Massey's illustrations capture movement and emotion elegantly, using sweeping charcoal lines and a palette of about seven colours on minimal, white spreads. The baby's perpetually rosy cheeks and Teddy's serene face are adorable.    

   This is a really glowing, sweet and comforting story to share with the very smallest book addicts, perfect morning or evening reading. If I had one criticism it's that I'd have liked to see "one little baby's" dad make an appearance, but maybe Dungworth and Massey are saving him for another outing.

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